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Three Steps to Avoid Yeast Infections

We’ve all had one at some point, they’re a fact of life, but yeast infections can have weird effects and very different symptoms from person to person. EmpressBody knows that sometimes a yeast infection can come along right at the wrong moment, and lots of people get it repeatedly – nightmare! Keep reading to find out how to prevent yeast infections with EmpressBody!

First things First, What is a Yeast Infection?

Thrush is an infection caused by a build up of yeast called “Candida Albicans”. This form of yeast is always present in the body and USUALLY is not a problem. But it can become an issue when the body’s immune system is attacked due to a number of factors such as: antibiotics, poor nutrition, too many yeast-rich foods, sugar and alcohol, birth control pills and hormonal shifts (such as in pregnancy or menopause). Thrush actually begins in the bowel and the candida albicans can exit the body in faeces. It can be transferred from the anus to the perineum and vagina, and enter the vagina that way.

Did you know that certain foods can cause BV and yeast infections? Click here to learn more

EmpressBody’s top tips to avoid thrush:

1. Try not to wear pantyhose, tights or synthetic or nylon undies

We know they look gorgeous but the synthetic material retains moisture and warmth which easily encourages bacteria to grow. Try cotton panties and going bare legged in the summer. In the winter months tights and nylons can be unavoidable, so after a long day at work, rip off your pantyhose as soon as you get home. This will help your vaginal health in the long run and will help you relax and unwind faster after a stressful day at work!

1. Wipe from front to back

It’s simple, but it’s not necessarily what we all do. Wiping from back to front is a very common way to get Thrush as it spreads the candida albicans bacteria from your anus to your vagina.

AND … Check out the EmpressBody pH Balance Bundle

The EmpressBody pH Balance Bundle was designed to help with ailments such as Yeast Infections, BV, Thrush, and excess discharge or it can be used as a preventive measure to keep your yoni balanced and healthy.

The EmpressBody pH Balance Bundle contains:

15ml Elixir Oil

6 Detox Pearls

Empowering Wand

Sensitive Yoni Wash

25ml Spirulina Powder

More information on the benefits of each product:

15ml Elixir Oil

Soothes irritation

Assists in preventing infections

Natural lubricant that can be used during intercourse

Rids excess discharge

Strengthens vaginal tissues



Cleansing properties


Toner & Rejeuvenator

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody Elixir Oil

6 Detox Pearls

EmpressBody Detox Pearls work by the specially selected herbs creating a pulling effect that draws toxins, bad bacteria, dead cells, old blood clots, mucus and more from your yoni whilst at the same time tightening your yoni and deterring vaginal dryness and other ailments. The Detox Pearls can also be used to help with ailments synch as PCOS, fibroids, endometriosis and much more.

Click here to read more about using the EmpressBody Detox Pearls

Empowering Wand

A natural and gentle way to cleanse, tighten and keep your honeypot smelling sweet. It helps to rid yonis (vagina) of BV, odour and melasma. Tightens yoni, cleans the vagina environment and balances pH, regulates the menstrual cycle, improves elasticity in the yoni, and creates enhanced sexual sensation and lubrication. It can stimulate the female hormone and delay aging, eliminate toxins and helps renew yoni cells.

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody Empowering Wand

Sensitive Yoni Wash

The EmpressBody™ Yoni Wash (Vaginal wash) has 100% organic, natural ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy pH balance, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections.

Click here to read more about the EmpressBody Yoni Wash

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