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The Secret Revealed; Yoni Tightening

All yonis are beautiful and they are all as unique as flowers. As your most intimate area and centre of womanhood and creativity it is important to pay special attention to your yoni health. Many factors can affect the tightness or the feeling of your yoni and these are often completely natural and inevitable parts of life. EmpressBody know that in this age of Instagram and readily available pornography there is more social pressure than ever to be physically perfect and to conform to western standards of idealised beauty, which means: a tiny waist, big hips and booty and a small, tight yoni. Recently, more and more women are worrying that their vaginas are uncomfortably loose and this has lead to a lot of people undergoing invasive cosmetic surgeries, known as labiaplasty. No woman should feel that they have to undergo the knife to be beautiful, the answer is always in nature to heal yourself and beauty will reflect that. EmpressBody believe that knowledge is power and that the more we all learn and understand the better the world will become, so we've done the research for you to understand what causes changes in yoni tightness or looseness and what you can do to change it.

Understanding yoni function

A woman’s yoni, or vagina consists of very strong and elastic muscle tissue. These muscles are able to tighten and contract as needed. They also are designed to relax during sexual arousal to accommodate penetration during intercourse. Like penises, each woman’s yoni has unique variations in size, but typically a “tight” feeling vagina is just a symptom of lack of arousal or anxiety, which may cause muscles to clench.

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When it comes to vaginal looseness, it is true that over time a woman’s vaginal muscles may relax, especially following childbirth or due to hormonal changes during menopause. This may result in diminished sexual pleasure or stress incontinence. These symptoms may increase with age and Kegel exercises are very helpful in to strengthening loose vaginal walls.

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There are invasive surgeries available to help your yoni regain its tightness, but your body is a sacred temple, something that is completely natural and naturally beautiful. EmpressBody do not advocate cosmetic surgery on your deepest intimate region and would always promote acceptance and empowerment instead. We have worked hard to also created a special product that can help with yoni tightening; the EmpressBody Empowering Wand!

The EmpressBody Empowering Wand

A natural and gentle way to cleanse, tighten and keep your honeypot smelling sweet that can also help with:

- Tightening your yoni

- Improves elasticity in the Yoni

- Helps to rid the yoni of BV, odour and melasma

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- Cleans the vaginal environment and balances pH

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- Regulate Menstrual cycle

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- Enhanced Sexual Sensation

- Enhanced Lubrication

- Stimulates the female hormone and delays aging

- Eliminates toxins

Helps Renew Yoni cells

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How to use the Empowering Wand from EmpressBody:

1. Wash your hands, Wand and yoni (Vagina)

2.Relax your vaginal muscles and insert three-quarters of the wand into the vagina for 2 minutes, or insert for 5 minutes before sexual intercourse.

3. The Empress Empowering Wand can be used daily for 30 seconds to aid in resolving any female odours.

4. This natural herbal wand should be used within 6 months of the first insertion. the wand can be used up to 25-30 times, the wand will shrink, its advised to purchase another when the wand is really small.

How to store your Empowering Wand:

Rinse under running water, dry with clean towel. Protect from sunlight, keep the wand in the packet that it was received in and in a cool dry place.


DO NOT- Rush to take the wand out of your vagina.

DO NOT-Leave the wand in your vagina longer than 5 minutes before sexual intercourse, you may be too tight for your partner to penetrate you.

DO NOT- Use if a virgin, pregnant or whilst on your menstrual cycle

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