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Should you care about your pubic hair?

It’s something we all worry about, should I shave it all? Just a bit? Should I shave a particular shape into my pubic hair? What about waxing? The questions are endless when it comes to our lady gardens. EmpressBody know that when it comes to our yonis and how they look, feel and smell, it’s best to have all the facts! We’ve put together some facts about pubic hair (did you know it serves a function?) so that you can figure out how best to look after your yoni hair, and a couple of EmpressBody products to help you stay feeling fresh and balanced.

So why do we have pubic hair?

Yes, pubic hair does have a purpose. Above all else, it lessens friction during sex and prevents the transmission of bacteria and other pathogens. It has been suggested that pubic hair may protect against certain infections, including:

- Cellulitis

- Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)

- Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs)

- Vaginitis

- Yeast infections

What are the benefits of shaving?

Some goddesses might feel more sexually confident without or with partially shaved/waxed pubic hair; this has been linked to anxieties over oral sex and ideas of ‘cleanliness’. This is all down to personal preference though, if you feel more sexual with or without pubic hair or feel more inviting to your partner with/without that is completely up to you! There is no evidence to suggest that pubic hair is unclean, only that it can absorb more sweat but does not need more cleaning that your yoni does anyway.

What should I be careful of when shaving or waxing?

Waxing or shaving your yoni area can lead to abrasions, cuts and even bruises if not done with sensitivity and care. If you are going to do it yourself you should follow these steps:

1. Use a hand mirror so you can see the area you want to shave.

2. Trim as much hair as possible before you begin shaving – try not to use a dull pair of scissors.

3. Soak in the tub for at least 5 minutes to soften the skin and pubic hair before you shave.

4. Apply shaving cream or gel with aloe vera or another soothing agent (made for women) over all the areas you plan to shave. Reapply as needed.

5. Use a new/sharp razor or “bikini” razor – DON’T use a dull blade. Try a razor with a built-in moisturizing strip.

6. Hold the skin tight with one hand and shave with the other hand. Avoid using too much pressure.

7. Shave in the direction that the hair grows, using slow strokes.

8. Rinse your skin with warm water after you are done shaving and then pat dry.

Photo credit - @anya_panchenko

After waxing or shaving, if you encounter an ingrown hair, don’t pluck it as this can cause irritation. Instead apply a hot compress on the area for three minutes until the ingrown hair softens. Afterwards, dry with a towel and lightly dab some toner on the ingrown hair to help keep the area dry. Repeat several times until the ingrown hair falls out on its own. In the future, exfoliate the skin before you get waxed or shave to avoid ingrown hairs altogether.

EmpressBody recommends:

To Soothe any Irritation: the EmpressBody Elixir Oil

The EmpressBody Elixir Oil can help soothe any irritation post shaving, shaving rush or ingrown hairs as well as:

- Assist with preventing infections - As a natural lubricant that can be used during intercourse - Get rid of excess discharge - Strengthen vaginal tissues - Prevention of painful intercourse - Moisturizer/ Anti-inflammatory - Has cleansing properties - Anti-Fungal - Toner and Rejuvenator

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To help open up the hair follicle: the EmpressBody Yoni Steam

Yoni Steaming is an ancient practice that brings women together in a wide range of communities around the world and can help if you choose to shave your pubic hair. Steaming your yoni before shaving will help open up the pores, soften the hair follicle and make them stand straight up making shaving easier and more efficient. Yoni steaming can also provide help with the following ailments:

- Dysmenorrhoea (painful periods) - Irregular periods

- Clears dark menstrual blood from the beginning or ending of the cycle - Endometriosis

Click here to read more about how EmpressBody products can help with endometriosis

- Vaginal disorders: - Yeast Infections and other vaginal bacteria

Click here to read more about how EmpressBody products can help with Yeast Infections

- Vaginal dryness and painful intercourse - Support for Cervical Dysplasia

- Fertility Enhancement

- Increases cervical fluids

- Helps relax the vaginal canal and cervix

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Keeping everything clean and fresh: The EmpressBody Yoni Wash

If you use razors to shave your pubic hair you could make the skin sensitive and open to picking up more germs or bacteria, so keep it your yoni fresh and clean with the EmpressBody™ Yoni Wash (Vaginal wash) which has 100% organic, natural ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy pH balance, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections. Safe for daily use.

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