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Meet the Steam Dream Team!

EmpressBody is proud to announce that we have some new additions to your tried and tested favourite EmpressBody products! Meet the Empress Yoni Steam Seat and Empress Yoni Steam Gown! EmpressBody is a big advocate of yoni steaming as it is a powerful ancient remedy that has been used for centuries by women worldwide to support deep wellness. Also known as vaginal steaming, chai-yok, or bajo, it is a holistic health practice in which a woman allows the warmth of herbal steam to gently permeate the exterior of her vagina. This women's treatment gently and effectively cleanses, tones and revitalizes a woman's center, providing myriad benefits from reduced menstrual cramps to increased fertility and more. Made popular by Chrissy Tiegan, and Tia and Tamera Mowry, you will love your new steam gown and seat!

The EmpressBody Yoni Steam Gown is even similar to the ones worn by the Sister Sister duo!

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Yoni Steaming is about women taking back ownership of their personal health and wombs and utilizing intuition as well as herbs from the Earth, to support and nourish overall well-being. It is full vaginal empowerment. This is why EmpressBody was very motivated to create our own yoni steam with carefully selected herbs so that more women could try this amazing holistic yoni health practice.

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Not only is the EmpressBody Yoni Steam safe and healing, it is also easy to use and there are so many reasons to do it!

Here is a brief run-down of how yoni steaming can help you:

1) Improves irregular menstrual cycles

The number one reason that many women practice yoni steaming is because of its ability to significantly reduce pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation, as well as to regulate irregular or absent menstrual cycles. It works like this: after the medicinal herbs release their cleansing and healing oils into hot water, they are carried via steam to the porous skin of the outer labia, where they are absorbed.

2) Heals the womb

Perhaps a result of stress and environmental toxins in our world today, many women suffer from challenges such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis. In the same way that yoni steaming supports the uterus to shed old blood, it can help the miraculous organ to expel any non-essential tissue or cells, including polyps, cysts or endometrium growing outside the uterus.

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3) Detoxifies the womb

To truly live in balance, we must detoxify our environment, our relationships and, of course, our own bodies. Yoni steaming works similarly to the way a steam room is used to draw toxins out of your body via the skin, or an herbal steam is used to clear congestion from your nasal passages when you have a cold. Likewise, steaming the exterior of your vagina draws out toxins and clears congestion from your womb.

4) Gets your sexual juices flowing

On the physical level, yoni steaming increases circulation and increases lubrication, which can help increase libido and makes sex more enjoyable! And, the very act of steaming is slightly arousing, which helps us get turned on!

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5) Helps to increase fertility

There may be many reasons for fertility challenges, but one of those reasons is induration (hardened lining) and buildup of old material in the venous lakes (folds) on the uterine walls. By breaking up this excess material and releasing it through menstruation, the uterine walls are prepared for a fertilized egg to attach and thrive. In many cases, this is the missing piece of the preparation for a successful pregnancy.

6) Speeds recovery after birth

A yoni steam is called a “bajo” by Mayan midwives and is the traditional treatment used to heal, cleanse and tone the reproductive system after birth. The ancient remedy is thought to clear any remaining material from the uterus after birth, assist with the repair of a vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar, and encourage the tissue to tighten. It is best to wait a week after birth before steaming in order to give mama’s body some time to heal on its own before introducing warm steam.

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