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How can a vegan diet affect your yoni?

This month is #WorldVeganMonth and EmpressBody is so excited! We are an organic and completely vegan company who believe in sustainability and wellness. When it comes to your yoni, the old adage is correct and you are what you eat! What you eat can directly affect the taste and smell of your yoni, and can also affect its functions like regulating your period or helping you create your own natural lubrication. What you eat can also make you more prone to yeast infections or BV. EmpressBody has researched how a vegan diet can help your yoni function better, and prevent infections.

So what does “vegan” mean?

Veganism is a type of vegetarian diet that excludes meat, eggs, dairy products and all other animal-derived ingredients. Many vegans also do not eat foods that are processed using animal products, such as refined white sugar and some wines.

How can this affect your yoni?

Going vegan can shift your nutritional focus away from meat and processed goods and towards fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses and complex carbohydrates. This can have huge effects on your vaginal health in the following ways:

· Smell/taste – eating more fruits and vegetables has been proven to ‘sweeten’ the scent and taste of your yoni juices!

· Infections – Vegan and organic products like cranberry juice are loaded with acid compounds that fight off bad bacteria, cranberry juice can help you prevent and relieve urinary tract infections.

· Natural lubrication – which means better sex! Being vegan and relying on alternative protein sources can help you improve your natural lubrication during arousal! Avocados, apples, flaxseeds, and water. They are all super-healthy for many reasons, but for those who don’t like soy, remember that these four can also help you stay naturally lubricated down there.

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EmpressBody recommends:

It also matters what you’re putting on your yoni, many mainstream products contain mass-produced animal-based ingredients which can do as much harm as consuming them can for your yoni. It’s always best to go plant-based when it comes to looking after your yoni, this will ensure you are avoiding heavy chemical-based perfumed products which can throw off your pH balance.

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Keeping your yoni clean: try the Empress Yoni Wash

The EmpressBody™ Yoni Wash (Vaginal wash) has 100% organic, natural ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy pH balance, support the natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections.

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Vegan lubrication: try the Empress Yoni Elixir

Our Empress Yoni Elixir Oil can be used as lubricant when applied directly to the entrance of the vagina but as it contains Coconut Oil it should not be used in conjunction with silicon based condoms. The Empress Yoni Oil can also help to:

- Soothes irritation

- Assists in preventing infections

- Natural lubricant that can be used during intercourse

- Rids excess discharge

- Strengthens vaginal tissues

- Prevention of painful intercourse

- Moisturiser

- Anti-inflammatory

- Cleansing properties

- Anti-Fungal

- Toner and Rejuvenator

For keeping BV at bay: try the Empowering Wand

A natural and gentle way to cleanse, tighten and keep your honeypot smelling sweet. It helps to rid yonis (vagina) of BV, odour and melasma. Tightens yoni, cleans the vagina environment and balances pH, regulates the menstrual cycle, improves elasticity in the yoni, and creates enhanced sexual sensation and lubrication. It can stimulate the female hormone and delay aging, eliminate toxins and helps renew yoni cells.

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