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Eleven yoni facts every girl should know

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

We all have one and we get to spend our whole lives learning more and more about this incredible part of your body. From tampons to yeast infections, your yoni goes through a lot throughout your life. But there are lots of myths and misinformation out there that needs to be dispelled. EmpressBody is committed to knowledge and education in all things to do with your yoni! Keep reading to learn 11 facts about your yoni we bet you didn’t know!

1. Not every woman is born with a hymen. There are actually loads of different types of hymen, some are perforated, some are very thin and some are near non-existent. This means that some women may break theirs without ever realizing!

2. Labia come in all shapes and sizes. The labia majora, or the lip-like tissue around the opening of your vagina, can be as little as one quarter inch or up to two inches wide.

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3. Yonis always have a certain level of yeast in them. It's only when your microbiome, or the healthy array of bacteria in your yoni, gets disrupted by lubes or even antibiotics that the yeast can overgrow and cause symptoms like itching and burning.

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4. Many people are confused about exactly what’s going on down there, we use ‘yoni’ to refer to your entire genitals but it’s actually made up of lots of different parts that all play a vital function from the vulva (the visible area that includes the inner and outer labia, clitoris, and perineum) to the cervix (the lower portion of the uterus).

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5. Did you know your yoni can be different colours or even change colour? Many light-skinned women have brown or purplish labia, while a darker-skinned woman can have a lighter vulva. You also can have different colours in different areas — for example, your labia could be on the darker side yet your perineum could be pale pink.

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6. Its walls are pleated. Usually, the walls of the yoni lie compressed against each other. But the sides can separate and widen, kind of like the way an umbrella opens. The yoni typically swells up to two inches wide during sex and it can get even bigger to allow a baby to pass through it.

7. Lots of sex won't stretch it out. As explained above, the vagina is incredibly elastic, so it always returns to its usual tightness after sex. There are invasive surgeries available to help your yoni regain its tightness, but your body is a sacred temple, something that is completely natural and naturally beautiful. EmpressBody do not advocate cosmetic surgery on your deepest intimate region and would always promote acceptance and empowerment instead. We have worked hard to also created a special product that can help with yoni tightening; the EmpressBody Empowering Wand!

The EmpressBody Empowering Wand

A natural and gentle way to cleanse, tighten and keep your honeypot smelling sweet that can also help with:

- Tightening your yoni

- Improve the elasticity of the Yoni

- Help rid the yoni of BV, odour and melasma

- Enhanced Sexual Sensation

- Enhanced Lubrication

- Stimulates the female hormone and delays aging

- Eliminates toxins

- Helps Renew Yoni cells

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8. You can strengthen it like any other muscle. Your pelvic floor muscles hold your vagina, uterus, rectum, and urethra in place. Just clamp down as if you're stopping the flow of urine, hold for three seconds then relax for three seconds. Do 10 reps a day, working your way up to 10-second holds.

9. It's self-cleaning. Discharge flushes out cells from the yoni wall, excess water, and bacteria. When you're in the shower, a simple swipe of mild, scent-free soap and water between the labial folds and along the perineum is all you need. Try the EmpressBody Sensitive Yoni Wash!

EmpressBody has created the EmpressBody Yoni Wash (vaginal wash) specifically with vaginal wellness in mind. It has 100% organic and natural ingredients, which will help maintain a healthy vaginal PH balance, support the vagina’s natural acidity and aid in preventing bacteria build up or yeast infections and is safe for daily use.

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10. There are two major causes of yoni pain. Vaginismus, which causes the yoni muscles to contract involuntarily, can make it difficult or impossible to have sex, use a tampon, even undergo a gyno exam. It can be treated via physical therapy or counseling. The other, characterized by vulva pain, stinging, or sensitivity so intense that direct touch is hard to bear, is vulvodynia. These are often diagnosed after gynos rule out other conditions, such as a bad yeast infection. Antidepressants can often help lessen the pain.

11. Its scent can change throughout the month. It tends to be acidic before your period and pungent afterward. Your smell might be more noticeable post-workout, because of sweat glands, and during sex, thanks to the natural lubrication you produce. To combat odour if you’re worried, try the EmpressBody Hydrate Mist offers a natural and gentle way to neutralise odours, keep you feeling fresh, soothed and hydrated.

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