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Don’t Sweat It!

Beat the heat this summer with EmpressBody

Summer is the best time of the year, there’s no doubt about it; sunshine, beaches long relaxing evenings, flowers everywhere! It’s just lovely. However, the extra heat can have multiple effects on your yoni. Sweating in the area around the vagina is a normal part of the body's heat regulation. However, excessive sweat may cause discomfort and irritation. EmpressBody know that some people can feel very self conscious about this issue, and we want everyone to know that we’re here to help. We’ve put together a rundown of what can happen to your yoni when you sweat, and how you can manage this.

So what happens when your yoni sweats?

The sweat produced around your groin contains protein. Bacteria break down this protein, which can produce a distinct odor. Excess sweat around the groin area may also cause itching and can sometimes lead to infections, such as bacterial vaginosis and vaginal yeast infections – and nobody wants that!

Click here to learn how EmpressBody can help with BV

Click here to learn how EmpressBody can help with yeast infections

What can make yoni sweating worse:

Pubic Hair: A mass of pubic hair can trap heat in the skin and cause sweat glands to secrete excess sweat. Bacteria may also build up in pubic hair, which can lead to infections if a person does not clean the area properly.

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Exercise: Sweating is usually a sign of a good workout. Any form of vigorous physical activity will increase the body's internal temperature and activate sweat glands to secrete sweat. Exercises that specifically focus on the legs, such as running, can cause more sweat in the lower half of the body.

It is impossible for a person to avoid sweating at all while exercising. However, wearing cotton or other breathable materials can help minimize sweat production.

Obesity: Fat is the body's natural insulator. Females tend to carry most fat around their stomachs, hips, and thighs. Excess fat in these areas can lock in heat and may cause excess sweat production.

People who carry excess body weight around their hips may sweat more in their pubic region. These individuals can reduce the amount of sweat production in this area by practicing good hygiene and wearing cotton underwear and other breathable items of clothing.

General prevention

Proper yoni hygiene is essential for preventing infections. Your yoni is self-cleaning, but it’s a good idea to focus on keeping the vulva clean and dry.

Vulva care tips include:

· washing the vulva with warm water

· drying the vulva thoroughly with a clean towel

· avoiding scented soaps, which can irritate the skin of the vulva and labia, check out the EmpressBody yoni wash, it’s completely paraben and fragrance free!

· using alternatives to sanitary pads, where possible

· washing new items of underwear before wearing them for the first time

Some other hygiene tips include:

· keeping the vulva dry by wearing clothes in breathable fabrics, such as cotton

· changing tampons every 4–8 hours

· avoiding tight clothing, such as pantyhose and leggings

· wiping from front to back

· avoiding douches

Click here to learn more about why you shouldn’t use douches

EmpressBody recommends:

Alternatives to mass produced, mainstream sanitary products:

EmpressBody Menstrual Cups not only save you money but they are a healthy alternative to your orthodox pads and tampons, not only are they re-usable and can last for years with proper care but they shape to fit your vagina without leaking. You can carry on with your normal day to day activities even swimming! EmpressBody have two sizes to choose from, the Large or Small Cup. The Large is for women who are 30+ or for women who have had children. The Small is for women under 30 and have not had children. Both are made from 100% high quality medical grade silicone.

How to use the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup:

1. Wash both hands using soap and warm water.

2. Wet the cup so it is easier to insert into the vagina.

3. Crouch or squat down low.

4. Fold the rim of the cup vertically in either a tight "U" fold or use your fingers to make the rim of the cup coil round.

5. With relaxed vaginal muscles, separate your labia (inner yoni lips) with your free hand.

6. Push the folded part of the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup inside the vaginal opening so that the stem (or tip) of the cup is around 1/2 an inch inside.

7. Inserting the EmpressBody cup too high can lead to leaks or a difficult removal, to check it’s at the optimal level lightly tug on the stem to make sure the cup is not too high up and is secure.

8. Grip the base of the cup, not the stem and rotate 360degrees (a complete circle)

The EmpressBody Supplied Organic Tampons

100% Natural Cotton Tampons. Choose from Regular, Super and Super Plus. No Chemicals, No Synthetics, No Dyes Biodegradable Hypoallergenic Fragrance Free Thin removal string avoids seepage Expands in width versus length to comfortably conform to your shape and prevent leaks. No plastic applicator.

The EmpressBody Hydration Mist

✨ The EmpressBody Hydrate Mist offers a natural and gentle way to neutralise odours, keep you feeling fresh, soothed and hydrated.

It's designed for full body application so it doubles as a light, plant based natural deodorant. It’s perfect for removing all odours!

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