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Detox your Mind and your Yoni!

Did you know it’s Mental Health Week? Mental health is as important to maintain as your physical health but it’s often hard to pinpoint what’s wrong when our emotions and thoughts constantly fluctuate. EmpressBody has done the research and found that there is a tangible link between your mental health and how you feel about your body, when we are more emotionally and mentally stable we find it easier to feel rational about our bodies which means we can calmly assess symptoms and pain, however when we’re stressed or anxious we can escalate symptoms in our body. EmpressBody has done extensive research into the effects of full body detoxing and your mind and you’ll love the results, keep reading to find out more!

Detox your Mind

Detoxing your mind can be an important part of helping to cope with lots of mental health problems like stress, anxiety or depression. Try these simple steps to help you purge the negativity from your mind:

1. Try breathing deeply. Breathing deeply through your nose and out of your mouth can you’re your body and mind switch from flight mode into a safer state.

2. Put your shoulders back and smile. Putting your shoulders back and sitting up straight will help your lungs reach better capacity and help you with the previous step. Smiling uses muscle memory that can help you feel stronger and more encouraged to see the problem in a more hopeful light.

3. Eat like your grandmother. Simpler food with less saturated fats and preservatives like fruit and vegetables will help your brain and body convert energy more efficiently. Your grandmother made you beautiful food for a reason, nutritious and made with love, try and treat yourself the same way!

Did you know the food you eat can affect your pH balance? Click here to read more

4. Consider the alternative. Anxiety can push us to catastrophize constantly, to imagine that we are on the brink of the worst possible outcome. Instead, try and imagine what the best outcome could be and the steps it would take to achieve it. Most often, the steps you need to take for the best outcome are the same as the ones for the worst, this means it is your mind creating the conditions for failure; it’s not your talent or ‘luck’ it’s just a state of mind that you can overcome!

5. What would you tell a friend if they were going through the same thing? We are often much nicer to other people than we are to ourselves, if a friend was going through something similar but you would offer them more support, sympathy and compassion than you would for yourself then you can harness that goodwill for yourself too!

These simple techniques can help you detox your mind when it feels like things are spiraling out of control. This can happen at times of stress, or sometimes due to hormonal fluctuations like our menstrual cycle.

Click here to read more about menstruation and mental health with EmpressBody

Detox your Body

If you have 4-5 of these signs your body needs a detox! Some may say this is normal even a few doctors, but no it isn't. Don't wait until it's a problem.

✨ Memory Loss ✨ Sleep Disturbances ✨ Lack of Concentration ✨ Cravings ✨ Constipation ✨ Low Libido ✨ Unexplained Headaches ✨ Unexplained sinus congestion ✨ Itchy Patches ✨ Skin Rashes ✨ Depression/Mood Changes ✨ Immune Weakness ✨ Belly Bloating ✨ Muscle Aches

For women we recommend our detox pearls, which are made of 100% organic materials and not only are they kind to the earth, but they have so many benefits for women; from their bodily wellness to their sense of self-worth. We’ve put together an in-depth breakdown of the herbal qualities of our detox pearls so that all women can be reassured that our yoni pearls are healthy, organic and are going to help you.

EmpressBody detox pearls work by using specially selected herbs that create a pulling effect that draws toxins, bad bacteria, dead cells, old blood clots, mucus and more from your yoni while at the same time tightening your yoni and deterring vaginal dryness and other ailments. They are wrapped in cotton meshing with a string attached for easy removal.

Click here to read more about EmpressBody Detox Pearls

For both men and women we recommend: The EmpressBody Hemp Colon Cleanse Tea

Our Hemp Colon Detox Tea cleanses organs whilst also helping to clear out toxins caused by processed foods, harsh chemicals and other nasties which can build up in the colon. This herbal blend allows a gentle relief for occasional constipation. Our herbal formula begins with organic hemp seed, which has been used for centuries as a natural relief for occasional constipation. To help balance the effects of hemp, we add lily, which can help to relieve uneasiness of the mind and body for tranquillisation. Use this colon cleanse to improve digestion, rid unwanted toxins and to reach health goals. It can also help to:

✨ Increase the body's absorption of vitamins and nutrients. ✨ Improve digestion and prevent constipation. ✨ Increase energy and concentration. ✨ Jumpstart weight loss. ✨ Encourage whole body detox. ✨ Aid in fertility

Click here to order your EmpressBody Colon Cleanse Tea

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