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5 facts that will make you fall in love with Menstrual Cups!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

You've probably heard a lot of buzz lately about menstrual cups, they’re finally being recognized as one of the most efficient means of feminine hygiene (yay!). They're pretty much exactly what they sound like: Small cups that are inserted into the vagina to collect menstrual blood. But the most recent trend in “feminine hygiene” isn't actually that new at all. They've been around since the mid-1900s, and women here in the U.S. are rediscovering the small silicone devices as a cost-effective, eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads and EmpressBody is thrilled! We’ve put together some of the most important facts about menstrual cups all women should know to help anyone thinking about making the switch from pads and tampons to menstrual cups.

1. They’re Eco-Friendly As it turns out, period products generate a ton of trash, so cutting back on the amount you toss out can make a big difference in your ecological footprint. Menstrual cups can last up to 11 years depending on the make (check out the EmpressBody menstrual cup!), meaning way less waste in the long run.

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2. They’re Easy On Your Budget Considering how much you spend on tampons or pads over the course of three to four years, a single menstrual cup sounds pretty cheap in comparison. Say if you dole out $10/£10 a month on your go-to product for four years, shelling out $480/£480—using a menstrual cup instead means an extra $450/£450 in your pocket.

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3. You Can Buy ‘Em In Different Sizes EmpressBody offer two different sizes: One for women under 30 and who've never been pregnant, the other for women over 30. Either way, it's pretty much impossible for one to be too large.

4. Practice Makes Perfect They're pretty simple to insert, but "there's a little bit of a learning curve with taking them out, just to make sure you're not spilling. Sounds icky at first, perhaps—but rest assured, you'll get the hang of it after a few times. And you shouldn't feel a menstrual cup hanging out inside of you—just like a tampon, if it's uncomfortable, it's in the wrong spot.

5. The Risks Are Similar To Tampons The concern with all insertable menstrual products is toxic shock syndrome. TSS is rare, but make sure you're following the instructions by removing and cleaning it at least every 12 hours (it's unlikely you'd fill it up before then).

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More about the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup

The EmpressBody Menstrual Cup is durable for up to 11 years, reusable, eco-friendly, and economical. It has been specially designed to be ideal for all women, and reduces the risk of infection; offering a cost effective, alternative for female sanitary products.

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EmpressBody Menstrual Cups not only save you money but they are a healthy alternative to your orthodox pads and tampons, not only are they re-usable and can last for years with proper care but they shape to fit your vagina without leaking. You can carry on with your normal day to day activities even swimming! EmpressBody have two sizes to choose from, the Large or Small Cup. The Large is for women who are 30+ or for women who have had children. The Small is for women under 30 and have not had children. Both are made from 100% high quality medical grade silicone.

How to use the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup:

1. Wash both hands using soap and warm water.

2. Wet the cup so it is easier to insert into the vagina.

3. Crouch or squat down low.

4. Fold the rim of the cup vertically in either a tight "U" fold or use your fingers to make the rim of the cup coil round.

5. With relaxed vaginal muscles, separate your labia (inner yoni lips) with your free hand.

6. Push the folded part of the EmpressBody Menstrual Cup inside the vaginal opening so that the stem (or tip) of the cup is around 1/2 an inch inside.

7. Inserting the EmpressBody cup too high can lead to leaks or a difficult removal, to check it’s at the optimal level lightly tug on the stem to make sure the cup is not too high up and is secure.

8. Grip the base of the cup, not the stem and rotate 360 degrees (a complete circle)

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