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3 Tips to Boost your Fertility

Are you thinking about starting a family? Whether you've just made that decision or have been trying for a while, you'll know it's not always quite as simple as doing the deed and waiting for the miracle of life to happen - so it's best to lay the foundations and give yourself the best chance of conceiving. EmpressBody are fully sensitive to the fact that there can be a wide range of factors involved and even have a range of holistic products available to help you cope with PCOS, Fibroids, Endometriosis, PID, cysts and much more. Keep reading to find out our general tips to help you get ready to start your dream family.

Try and de-stress

This can be much easier to say than to do, however a healthy mind promotes a healthy body, so aim to de-stress and relax. Take part in activities which promote positive thinking and could help to relieve any worries. Try increasing the amount of relaxing activities you incorporate in your day-to-day existence, from taking up yoga or meditation, through to walking rather than taking the tube if possible. Try to unwind and reduce your stress levels.

If, however, you find that trying to relax is actually making things more stressful, aim to do something that will distract you from your worries like an art class, a sports session or turning your attention to something like a great book. These will help you to calm down, even if you don't realize it!

Although most stress doesn’t impact egg quality, it can lead to behaviours that cause fertility problems. For example, women may leave fertility treatment, harm their fertility through drugs, smoking, or drinking, avoid sex, postpone child-bearing, or not follow instructions for fertility medication.

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Review your diet

Ultimately a diet that is nutritionally balanced can be very beneficial for both men and women looking to conceive. Where possible, choose slow-release carbs (like whole grains, fruit and vegetables) over fast-release carbohydrates like white bread and rice, avoid trans fats and refined sugars, and top up your omega-3 levels with plenty of fish.

If you're vegetarian, include mango, walnuts, flax seed and hemp seed in your diet. Opt for healthy-fat rather than low-fat products too, in order to get the beneficial hormones that are attached to fat.

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Try the EmpressBody Fertility Boost!

EmpressBody would recommend you try our fertility bundle which can be found on the bundles page, alternatively you can try a full detox (6 pearls), try to conceive the next month and then use two detox pearls a month until you conceive, this is the usual procedure we ask of our soon to be mothers. We also recommend Chlorella, which is a well known super fertility boost we only sell raw organic Chlorella from the source.

Most of the ladies who have conceived with us have said they felt that steaming sped up the process, steaming is proved to assist with fertility by helping to unblock any tubes and regulate the blood around your perineum but this is for you to do at your discretion.

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If you have PCOS, Fibroids of Endometriosis, we have EmpressBody Bundles for those too!

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