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3 Fertility Tips from EmpressBody for the over 40

EmpressBody is very aware that getting pregnant at 40 is different from getting pregnant in your 20s and 30s. We believe that everyone has the equal right to have the family that they want, when they want it and will help you get it! In the majority of situations, the main factor in the difficulty of becoming an older mama (taking the man out of the equation for a moment) is likely to be egg quality, although there may also be a decreased ovarian reserve (fewer eggs left) and hormonal imbalances which can be contributing factors to why women over 40 are struggling to get pregnant. Despite it being harder to get pregnant over the age of 40 though, many women do go on to get pregnant and have a baby or lots of babies! Keep reading to find out EmpressBody’s tips to enhance our fertility and get pregnant.

Tip 1: Have more sex!

Sex over 40 can be wonderful and even better than intercourse in your 20s. But there are also lots of reasons that mean you’re not having as much sex as when you were in your 20s, for example more responsibility at work, stress, or you’ve been in your relationship for a long time and the spark isn’t the same as when you first got together (but the love is still there!). But the thing is, your 6-day fertility window is just the same if you’re 40 as it is when you’re 30 so take advantage of that.

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Tip 2: Take the pressure off! Performance anxiety around fertility is a perfectly normal and natural feeling. The way in which some women constantly track and monitor their fertility can put pressure on their men, especially around the time of ovulation. The woman focuses on her fertile time, her anxiety goes up, she tells her partner to ‘come home immediately’, his anxiety goes up, and so on. Sound familiar? For a man to be able to perform, he needs passion, and scheduling your sex life and giving him specific times when he needs to be home can ruin that, so try to come up with a plan together on how to manage this. It can be hard to have fun and be romantic all the time, but it’s important to try and take the pressure off in any way you can. Make it fun again!

Tip 3: EmpressBody would recommend that you try our fertility bundle which can be found on the

UK bundles page here, alternatively you can try a full detox (6 pearls).

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How do you use the EmpressBody Detox Pearls?

EmpressBody are often asked exactly how do you use the detox pearls, below is a how-to guide to using the pearls.

Step 1. Thoroughly wash your hands and take one EmpressBody Detox pearl and unroll the string

Step 2. Insert one detox pearl inside the vagina approximately 7 cm deep (or as deep as your middle finger can push it) - keep an amount of the string outside of vagina so it is easy to find after the detox is over. Only insert one pearl at a time.

Step 3. Leave the pearl in for 2-3 days. You must remove the detox pearl no later than 3 days, though some women feel 2 days is enough after seeing results, this can be done at your discretion.

Step 4. After removing the pearl, clean vagina with warm water

Step 5. Wait 24 hours and then insert next detox pearl.

Step 6. Repeat the process a maximum of 6 times in one month.

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Try to conceive the next month and then use two detox pearls a month until you conceive, this is the usual procedure we ask of our soon to be mothers. Many of the ladies who have conceived with us have said they felt that steaming sped up the process, steaming is proven to assist with fertility by helping to unblock any tubes and regulate the blood around your perineum, but this is for you to do at your discretion.

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